What our EasyDebit merchants say about us


Just a few months after EasyDebit came, the performance of my store got better. This is such a good product! Because of EasyDebit, life became easier for the people here, they don’t need to travel far to withdraw cash making it very convenient!

Ma. Elena Apostol

Sari-Sari Store Owner
Muntinlupa, Metro Manila


Based on the number of transactions we have at the moment, our business transactions have increased x 3. The extra income my business generates from EasyDebit now allows me to pay my internet and electric bill!

We have experienced an increase in the number of visitors to our store to avail of the EasyDebit service which has also resulted in the up-selling of additional goods and services.

Taking into consideration the location of our office, it is very convenient for our customers and it is also economical.

The support we receive from FEXCO and the EasyDebit team has been great, the one- time investment fee for marketing support has been beneficial, whenever we need assistance they go out of their way to help. I salute them for that. Working with FEXCO is a great opportunity to help not only myself but everybody in my local community!

Carlo Flores

Flores Pharmacy / CV Flores Services
Bangar, La Union


EasyDebit plays an important role in terms of easy access to cash as there is only one ATM available in our place. Although we sometimes encounter problems in connectivity, our clients are still very thankful that an additional ATM is already existing in our place.

The technical training provided to us was well presented, besides the machine is very easy to operate. The marketing collateral which come in different forms – flyers, standees, stickers and tarpaulin, are given free are very helpful in efficiently informing the community of this great product.

Asuncion Extension Office

Cantilan Bank


We are glad that CBI Lupon now has EasyDebit! Aside from the additional income we gain from the service charge, we get to cross-sell because of the added foot traffic in our office. Also, it contributes to cement our brand because of this new product which we can easily bring outside the office while servicing for example, CCT beneficiaries.

EasyDebit is also easy to operate and very transparent as the client can see their account balance, input their own PIN and desired amount to withdraw. It’s less risky for the client because they will never experience debt without cash dispense.

Lupon Branch

Cantilan Bank


EasyDebit provides fast service in terms of ATM withdrawal transactions. It is very easy to use. And because it is fast and user-friendly, we can accommodate a large number of a clients without hassle both on our part and the clients’. Marketing materials help us in so many ways. We have flyers for our AOs which they can give outside while they are on field. We have standees and tarpaulins which we can post in areas visible to our clients.

San Miguel Branch

Cantilan Bank


Simula ng magkaroon kami ng EasyDebit sa Shop, dumami ang customer namin, nagkaroon din kami ng additional income at higit sa lahat, ang makarinig kami ng salitang "Salamat" mula sa customer, masaya na din kami, dahil ngayon, mas convenient at hassle-free na ang pag-withdraw nila!

Alejandro Rubico

Creative Ideas Store Owner
Dolores, Quezon

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